Stories with a Heartbeat is an initiative led by poet Will McInerney and doctor Mohanned Mallah to document the stories of medical professionals and their patients through creative, engaging, and dynamic storytelling.

We believe the doctor-patient relationship provides a uniquely powerful opportunity to explore the spectrum of the human condition ranging from resilience to despair, beauty to struggle, and life to death. These stories, rooted in the agency of individuals, provide a point of connection in a world full of disconnects, and represent an opportunity to build bridges of understanding across lines of difference.

We seek to shift both public opinion and policy decisions by providing alternative narratives that are engaging, relatable, and accessible. We advocate for cross-cultural engagement at all levels of society and believe that by connecting western audiences with these powerful stories, we can work to deconstruct notions of anti-Arabism, anti-Americanism, and Islamophobia, and construct meaningful and impactful ways for people learn, grow, and make a difference. Additionally, we seek to make our stories and finished products accessible to partnering organizations to use to support their advocacy and development efforts.

Stories with a Heartbeat is not a platform for repeating or exploiting sensationalized, simplified, romanticized, or misinformed narratives. Our process is rooted in the agency and power of the people themselves, purposed-based, and aimed at creating and supporting tangible and meaningful impact. Stories with a Heartbeat values the process of collection just as much as the final product.